Schildpad brandschilderen op hout - pyrografie

Is het een landschildpad? Of is het een waterschildpad? 

Geen van beide, het is een houtschildpad! Hij komt voor in de rustgevende omgeving van onze veranda. In het vers gestrooide en heerlijk ruikende boomschors, tussen de beplanting houdt hij zich schuil. Ik heb hem kunnen spotten, in gezelschap van 3 andere variaties. Ze kwamen vast uit hun schuilplaats, door de brandende bio-ethanol haard, de sfeervolle jaren '80 muziek en het flesje bier op ons gezellige terrasje. 

De boodschap van deze diertjes is in ieder geval duidelijk: doe rustig aan!

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Making summer beach pot with clay and summer glitters
Do you know that too?? That something looks at you and asks you to do something with it.? That happens here regularly and sometimes I admit to that.. This was the case with the Summer glitters of Glitter boss (fish, shells, starfish, glitter stones) we were allowed to use to play something fun with. The feeling it evoked me was a beach with the sea.. That seemed fun to come back in the colors of a beach pot I was going to make.. Learn how this was made? What do you need? - Canned glass jar plus lid - Creall Do & Dry clay - Creall pearl and glitter paint - Glitter boss zomermix glitters - Creall Hobby glue - Clay Tools - Fake waxine light How to make it? 1. Cover a clean glass jar of clay pieces until the entire surface is covered. 2. Draw a shape in the pot with clay tools and remove the clay from there. 3. Also coat the cap with clay 4. Allow to dry for 24 hours and paint the jar blue and lid yellow. 5. Stick with hobby glue all the summer glitters you want to have on your pot.. 6. Fake tea light in it and your summer beach pot is ready! More glitters!! Glitters Everywhere! ” Crea with kids - Glitter stones on stones” Crea with kids - Make a flower with lots of blingbling” Crea with kids - All materials used can be found here. Click on the image of your choice and order it in the webshop! Affiliate   #beachpot #soapy #themazomer #summertheme #summer #strand #summerglitters #klei #blingbling #underwaterworld #summerpotje #summerlichtje #creall #glitterboss #creametkids