Sinterklaasje op je papieren bordje

Sinterklaas, kom maar binnen met je Piet, en laat je paardje maar buiten staan. We zingen en we springen en we zijn zo blij, want er zijn geen stoute kinderen bij! Het vrolijke (vernieuwde) liedje, gezongen door Kim-Lian, kan je hieronder ook beluisteren!   

Dit Sinterklaasje is gemaakt van 1 papieren bordje. Het is te knutselen voor kinderen, van elke leeftijd. Dus ook voor de allerkleinsten! Met een wit papieren bordje, rood en lichtroze papier, ben je er al. Uiteraard heb je ook een schaar en lijm nodig. 


  1. Knip een een rood stuk papiertje een driehoek, iets breder dan het bordje en een mijterlengte langer dan een bordje
  2. Verf het rondje van het bordje lichtroze, of plak een rond lichtroze papier er op
  3. Knip een 1/3 strook van het bordje en knip dat 1/3 deeltje weer doormidden
  4. Plak gezicht met baard op het rode driehoek, zorg dat een punt de mijter is
  5. Plak de handjes met witte mouwtjes onderin 
  6. Knip een wit papieren rondje doormidden als snor en plak op
  7. Plak een wit pomponnetje als neus of plak een wit rondje papier als neus
  8. Plak wiebeloogjes of plak een wit rondje papier (stipje met stift) als ogen
  9. Knip 2 strookjes papier en plak als kruis op de mijter

Wat zal Sinterklaas opkijken, als hij al deze mooie Sintjes aan de muur ziet hangen!

Vind je dit leuk? 
en blijf op de hoogte van de leukste knutseltips 
en creatieve inspiraties!


Word gratis en vrijblijvend lid van Yoors zodat je ook reacties kan geven of misschien wil je  ook wel iets leuks posten!

Aanmelden voor Yoors  - (afmelden is ook weer makkelijk gedaan, dus kom gewoon even kijken)

Free DIY Fidgets Board Game
Create your own board game with these free printables! If you love Fidgets (those anti-stress toys) then you want nothing more than to frunnip, frutsel, spin, pop and click. They help you relax and improve your ability to concentrate. Fidgets can be bought, but you can also craft yourself, then you can make your own DIY Fidgets. For the real and creative Fidgets fans there is now also (exclusively here on Yoors) a board game to print out. You color everything yourself with your favorite colors. After that, cut out the 4 parts of the board game and paste them (neatly overlapping) together. Also the pawns, tickets and the money (Fidget Points) color and cut out. Just a dice you need to look at it. The square (colored by you) game board can be glued to a piece of cardboard, e.g.. a pizza or cornflake box. Ask your friends/girlfriends to play with and you can start right away! The game is over, if all fidgets (cards) have an owner. The one, who then has the most Fidget Points, is the Fidget Board Game Winner! How to print out the graphics of the board game? Save the jpg images (right) and go to the saved folder. Usually that is the download folder. From that folder, you can print as you used to. You can print as much as you want, but please note, do not share the images yourself on the internet (Pinterest, Facebook, or on your own website etc), due to copyright. Sharing the LINK to this page with your friends, can of course. Smaller A4 Travel Edition If you want to print out the ieniemienie version as a travel edition, you can of course. Only your grandma or grandfather will not be able to play along with reading glasses, because the fine print will be almost unreadable. Anyway, probably the older people don't even know what fidgets are? Maybe this is the opportunity to explain it to them. :) Print tickets Above you have the corresponding tickets. Cut out the Stress and Relax cards and put them upside down (so not readable) in 2 stacks on the 2 compartments on the game board. On the right you see Fidgets tickets. Compare it to the streets of Monopoly. Give each fidget card a different color! So then you get Roller Chain yellow, blue and red. Also on the game board you give the Roller Chain boxes the same colors! Fidget Points as a means of payment The sheet with the Fidgets Points can be printed out 2 or 3 times, so that all players can have lots of notes to pay with, receive from other players, and of course buy fidgets tickets. The Fidget Points can be placed in a box, on which your BANK writes. The idea This game is inspired by the idea of Lotte. Lotte is a big fidget fan and has a own website , Instagram account and TikTok account . On her website you will find lots of facts about fidgets and of course her own webshop! Lotte (12 years) made a similar (but simpler) board game with real fidgets and sent her idea to De Knutseljuf Ede. Really super fun! Not all children have fidgets at home to play with and relax, so instead fidgets are made in the form of cards. Everything has also been added so that the game is now complete, and has more possibilities. E.g.. DIY pawns, stress and relaxation cards, dice cards and of course Fidget Point cash notes. All to color yourself! Hopefully you guys like that Lotte's game board idea has been worked out here and expanded. It took some time to make, but crafting a board game and playing yourself is so much fun to do, anyway? So all fidget fans in the Netherlands can now make this board game by printing, coloring, cutting and pasting! No Stress but Relax, we wish you lots of fun! Book Fidget Fun - Self Fidgets Arts & Crafts! More info Go to the webshop of Lotte here: click HERE Beautiful suitcase with Crayola colors - more info De Knutseljuf Ede has been working with Mirelle van Crea for years with Kids! All craft tips of De Knutseljuf Ede can be found on the website Do you want a creative workshop at your home? Then look at Follow De Knutseljuf Ede on Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest Mail: - Want to see more here on Yoors? Or give a comment or maybe post something yourself? That can be! Sign up first (free) at Yoors: - Sign up here for free at Yoors! #fidget   #fidgets   #fidgetfun   #diyfidget   #diyfidgets   #fidgethomemade   #fidgetsknutselen   #fidgetboardgame   #fidgettablegames   #diyfidgetsbordgame   #boardgames   #boardgame   #game   #boardgames   #fidgetgames   #fidgetsgame   #lidteacher   #fidgettoys   #fidgettoysbylotte                  
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