De Knutseljuf Ede - Paasdecoraties ei en kuiken met Foamklei - Pasen

Papiermache (ecoshape) vormen gekocht in de hobbywinkel. Geverfd met acrylverf. Beplakt met metallic plakparels en gedecoreerd met zelfhardende FoamClay. Om aan de paastakken te hangen! Ook leuk om met kinderen te doen.

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Do you keep your Feedbek closed!
How is it that people perceive Feedback as negative? Years ago, I myself was a person who found feedback uncomfortable. That's still nicely expressed. Actually, I found it%#$@! bothersome. Ik vond vooral mensen die feedback gaven heel bothersome. Those know-it-all people who think they know and tell it all for a while. “Keep your feedmouth shut!” I thought. Itching I got it. Sometimes that feedback lingered for a long time. It didn't feel good. I saw feedback as criticism and criticism as negative. Nobody likes criticism anyway?  Quote I saw feedback as criticism and criticism as negative Soulwhispers When I look at the word feedback and take it literally, I get nutrition back. Nutrition in the form of a new perspective, extra information, extra handles that can enrich, stimulate or even give me insights. After some years of mental training and NLP, I can only conclude that the associations I had with the word 'feedback' had more to do with how I look at the world and myself.  I learned that a word can also contain a sense value and that even a beautiful word has been devised for this, namely. connotation. I had never heard of it.. The sensitivity value is, among other things,. formed by experiences, associations and experience. Criticism or feedback (for me at the time the same, one pot wet) used to feel like an attack, criticism or insult. I got the feeling that I hadn't done well enough, started doubting myself and it made me insecure. I thought the other guy wanted to give me the hell out or pointed out my shortcomings. I know now that especially I thought I was short and didn't do something good enough.. I was my own greatest critic and projected it onto the other. I ascribed to the other an intent that wasn't right afterwards. That what I thought others thought of me had nothing to do with them, but everything with what I thought of myself. I feedback very personal. Both concepts, feedback and criticism, were the same for me. Nothing has proved to be less true. Over time, I learned to distinguish between persons and roles. At work, I play a role and am in office. In a relationship I play a role as a partner. Feedback about my work is not about me or who I am as a person. Feedback is also not about being right or getting. The concepts of feedback and criticism do not mean the same. In feedback I give the other back how something happens or what it evokes in me. When receiving feedback, I try to collect additional information from the other person by asking and listening, without directly rejecting it or taking it personally what I used to do. Receiving feedback helps me to gain more insights and improve myself. Feedback can be surprising, enriching, but sometimes it can be confrontational. In all cases it is educational and I see it as an opportunity to improve myself. Giving and receiving feedback creates exchange, more understanding and together you often achieve better results. By asking for feedback you actually let the other person think along, how nice is that! Nowadays I am grateful for feedback and feedback is more than welcome. Delicious thinking along! The more feedback, the better!
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#iamnewhere It is a pleasure to be able to share on this platform to share interests and look for interesting things