December 2011 Monthly Horoscopes


In December 2011, Mars is traveling through Virgo throughout the month. Mars will retrograde in Virgo on January 23rd, 2012, at 23 levels of the sign, and turn direct again April thirteenth, 2012, at 3 degrees Virgo. With this impending retrograde, Mars will remain in Virgo for a bizarrely significant time-frame, until July third, 2012.

December 2011 Monthly Horoscopes

This focuses to much excitement and energy for work for Aries and Sagittarius, and somewhat, Leo. Nonetheless, these signs should watch that they don't take a lot for they to handle since it can get confounded some other time when Mars retrogrades. Same goes for Virgo as a general rule, and overexertion can be an issue. The Mars retrograde period will influence different signs more on a relationship level - Scorpio, with companions and partners, Pisces, with accomplices, and Taurus, with sweethearts or youngsters; on a psychological level for Cancer and Capricorn; and on an enthusiastic/base level for Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra.

Mercury keeps on retrograding in the indication of Sagittarius until the thirteenth. On the tenth, a Lunar Eclipse happens. It squares Mars and falls along the Gemini/Sagittarius pivot. Combined with a retrograde Mercury and Uranus turning direct around the same time (Uranus energy is serious at a station), we ought to be particularly vigilant of hurriedness and eagerness, in our activities, driving, etc, yet additionally in our interchanges. The Sun thirds Jupiter and sextiles Chiron on the 22-23rd, happening in Earth signs, which is solid for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The Sun likewise squares Uranus, so there can be some startling or astounding energy alongside it. Notwithstanding, the New Moon cycle is arriving at its Balsamic stage now, with a New Moon happening in Capricorn on the 24th, exactly when Jupiter is set to turn direct.


Be careful about deluding data and get ready for the expected need to re-try projects you believed were finished in the main portion of the month, dear Aries. You could be managing delays and an overall sensation of being kept down. Around the tenth of December can be particularly furious and perhaps tumultuous. It tends to be difficult to tell who for sure to accept. After mid-month, things start to fix. Amusingly, your cash picture looks very splendid around special times of year. The 22-23 is solid for affection and cash, particularly from unfamiliar or non-routine sources.


Watch for a conflict with a darling over cash or closeness matters around the fourth, when someone requires more space, as well as rashness with cash around the tenth. Challenges with accounts can happen then, at that point, however they are eventually pushing you towards better administration of your assets. Sentiment and travel are leaned toward in December, albeit both are better after mid-month. Your heartfelt life proceeds to invigorate and challenge you, and albeit a piece of you could ache for a more settled and stable circumstance, it's rarely dull! The month tracks down you particularly gutsy, truth be told. You're both breaking schedules and building new ones.


Cozy connections can be extremely confounded in the main portion of the month, dear Gemini, and especially around the tenth, while astounding feelings bubble up to the surface with extraordinary power. Individual disclosures effectively push you towards development and experience. Watch for eagerness in both discourse and activity on the fourth. General disarray and postpones clear up by mid-month. Day to day life is especially occupied for you in December. While difficulties can introduce themselves, it's a happy opportunity to resolve long-standing issues and to take more time to fix them. Love is close and energetic.

Malignant growth

A particularly bustling December is in your estimate, dear Cancer. Focus on errands well with the goal that you can limit issues. Past or recently covered up issues are enlightened around the tenth. Try not to leap to talk about an individual subject except if you're sure it's not untimely to do as such. You could keep on gathering with delays and arranged little issues in your work, yet by mid-month, these smooth out. While it's typically prescribed to begin looking for these special seasons early, in the event that you haven't begun at this point, you should save the greater part of your purchasing for after the fourteenth. Watch for quickness and anxiety in discourse and activities this month.


Be additional careful of your spending this month, dear Leo, as there is somewhat of a daring individual in you at the present time! There might be some dramatization or increased feelings in a companion's life around the tenth of December. Connections become more clear by mid-month, before which signs can be befuddling and shows of fondness quieted. An accomplice feels more grounded and more certain right now. Uplifting news or awards hands on front can show up somewhat recently of the month. You might need to make business related New Year's goals somewhat early - on the 28-29th. You're going over with expanded beguile right now too.


Love matters are solid in December, dear Virgo. While you might be wavering about numerous things until mid-month, you're surely not lacking with regards to admirers. You are oozing a lot of appeal and positive energy that will not go unrecognized. Eagerness to take passionate "chances" in the final part of the month can bring intriguing encounters into your reality. Work can be requesting around the tenth, when some of you could be grappling with a choice or some awkward tattle. Do whatever it takes not to respond rashly right now. Family is steady and soothing somewhat recently of the month, when endeavors to revamp the home can likewise pay off.