• Yoors pays 1 euro for 1000 views. Achieved by sharing.
  • You also support the maker. Every view you generate is also a view for the content maker !
  • Keep this in mind. Content makers always profit more.
  • You get 1 Yp per view. They get this 1 Yp from you and all others who share ...
  • We are working on a booster so you can earn more per view !
  • You can buy it for your own post to push for shares. Or profit from others.

  1. There are many people with their own site.
  2. You can ask them to link to your posts somewhere.
  3. Soon you will also be able to do that to your profile!
  4. If they are a member themselves, they receive 1 Yp for every click.
  5. You literally build your network with traffic to your posts.
  6. And of course you can also just arrange a link exchange with someone.
  7. Conclusion : Let people link to a post of yours and they get paid by Yoors ! Costs you nothing. And you also get the Yps per click.
  8. Do the work!


Deel-tip van vandaag: vraag iemand om naar je bericht te linken en dit cadeau te geven: