#Deepthought  being you is the best thing you know how to be but have you ever wondered how does it feel to be different from you are we the same? Is everyone emotional like you out there ? Is everyone okay or maybe in pain?
Life is not all about us alone, at the same time a lot of things are happening in other peoples lives, to be treated right we should treat others right we all have the same skin inside, the same colour inside and feel the same emotions. A black and White painting is beautiful cause both black and White make something beautiful together a black paper alone or White paper alone is considered empty, see the real beauty of togetherness.
Happiness must start with you cause happiness is an inside job then spread the love out there,
How can you spread what you don't know? First work on your happiness and positively then spread it out there!
Live a beautiful life!!
As for me I'm proud of who I am
And I'm ready to welcome new friends !