Development of mobile applications for IOS

Mobile applications for iPhone and iPad based on iOS do not lose popularity in the field of applications for mobile devices. More than 2,000,000 developments have already been published in the App Store. We will create applications for iOS:

for business;
for mass media and media resources;
advertising and promotions;
and even a mobile store.

How do we make your business successful?

When starting to develop an application for iOS , we set ourselves the task of finding what users are missing and offering our own version.

Therefore, creating an iOS application begins with an analysis of existing applications and a study of user reactions. We pay attention to reviews, we are working on improving user interaction with the application.

Agile development for iOS using SCRUM

We use the Scrum agile development methodology. Development for ios is done in short iterations - you control the process.

In short, iOS development is done like this:

All tasks are collected in one document and evaluated (the so-called "back-log")

Divided into sprints (time periods, in our team it is 1 week)

After each sprint, the result is shown to the client (“demo”)

You control which tasks are launched, at what stage of development, and you can "feel" the result after each sprint. You prioritize tasks and approve deadlines together with the project manager. A progress report is made, and the source code is transferred to your repository.

We listen and test

The development process is built to create in-demand IT products.

For this:
We conduct interviews with users at the design stage.
We collect feedback and suggestions after the launch, form a list for improvement.

We test applications in real conditions.

Read more about the interview methodology here.

Application publishing

We help with the publication of applications. We register an account, take screenshots and a bright icon, prepare a description and keywords. We follow Apple's publishing guidelines.

We accompany at the stage of checking the application by moderators. The creation of programs for iOS ends with a release. Further, the team participates in updating and finalizing the application.

iOS development: native design

Development of mobile applications for iOS must comply with the requirements of Apple. In application design, we use native patterns in the interface.

The user quickly understands the interface and finds the necessary functions. We create animations that help with navigation, make the experience of interacting with your application unique.

Development of programs for iOS. Feature of the approach:

Analysis. We study in detail, analyze popular applications according to various criteria (convenience, functionality, design, compliance with user requirements and search queries).
Prototype. We carefully develop all interface elements so that they are easy to use, understandable and useful to the user. We take into account the features: whether the new application will be an independent product or an addition to the site.
Design. We come up with a bright and practical design. It is important that the application looks equally attractive on the screens of different devices.
Development. Writing applications for android takes place under the control of the customer, in small steps.
Testing. Long-term and comprehensive testing. An application enters the market if we are 100% sure of its performance and quality.
Publication. We take into account the requirements of stores for new developments for Android. The application will be moderated.
Support. We provide technical support for the product. So that the application works correctly on all devices, and errors that occur in the process are promptly eliminated.