Diamond painting canvas dog-cat

Good evening everyone,

I'm sure everyone noticed that I'm a little quiet.
I'm totally addicted to diamond painting making and so I finished this canvas in 2 days.
And no, don't think I'm doing it all day, because I really don't work out with my three lovely children.
In the evenings I have peace of mind and I am very busy with my diamond paintings.
It brings me to rest and I'll do something for myself and that's so great.
The dark days are coming again and I like to craft.
At the end of this month, with my daughter and sister-in-law and her daughter, I will go to a hobby fair in Utrecht and who knows what I'm going to face again.
Charlene and I have a lot of similar interests and that is very nice.

But I also like this canvas. I had some doubts at first, but now that he's finished, I really like him.

Tomorrow I will continue with the diamond painting I'm making for my son, with the great John Deere on it. He's totally a fan of that and I was able to get him so now I have to finish him a little fast.
It's just a little big, so I'll be sweet with that for a while.

What do you think about this painting?
I bought it a long time ago at the Solow around here.

Lots of love @mama -rosita  

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