Dicking a movement, theme autumn.

In the spring I made a #bewegingsactiviteit for toddlers and preschoolers #dobbeleenbeweging . Because it was such a success, I now have a #herfstactiviteit conceived.

Everybody ready? Just dice!


That's how it works:

Let one toddler or preschooler throw with a large (color) die.

Together with the child, find the movement corresponding to the number/color on the die.

Perform the movement with all children.

A word of explanation for the movements:

1. Make yourself as big as a... tree:

Let the children put their feet firmly on the floor and stretch their arms above the head. At the official tree posture of yoga you stand on one leg and hold your other foot against the standing leg. In doing so, hold your hands with the palms together above your head. This attitude is still very difficult for some children. You can choose to keep only hands above the head.

2. Fly like a... owl:

Let the children run through space with large up and down movements (fly movement) of the arms.

3. Make yourself as small as a... hedgehog:

Pretend you're hedgehogs that roll up and make yourself so tiny.

4. Run like a... squirrel:

Squirrels can run very fast on their 4 legs. Make jumps by placing your hands first and then your feet (rabbit jump).

5. Sit still like a... spider:

As a spider, the children sit very quietly on their squatting in the web. Then you look to the right and to the left and you see a little fly coming. It flies into the web and then we slowly raise our hands and grab it with a slap in our hands and eat it on “HAP”.

6. Walk like a... leprechaun:

Pretend you're gnomes and walk around the hall in small steps and on the tips of your toes.

#Dobbel a movement

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