Diference between love and taste


One day in the afternoon watching the sunset I observed a beautiful flower that grew in my garden which I have watered daily, fertilized and pruned, also rid of pests and bugs and I realized that I loved it.
Then in the afternoon of that same day some people passed by and saw my flower that had grown with my care and said hey how beautiful it is?
I like it, can I pluck it?
and at that moment I discovered what is the difference between love and taste.
In the case of people it is the same the people who love you take care of you protect you and accompany you because they are interested in your welfare are the ones who love you and there are also those beings who come to you for a simple taste of your beauty which only want to pull you out of the ground safe regardless of you wither or die contal to enjoy even a little at your side and when the flower withers they throw it away and look for another one that is beautiful.