kasteel van klei en een lege fles

kasteel van klei en een lege fles

Als het geen buitenspeelweer is dan is het leuk om te gaan knutselen !

Wij hebben een lege plastic fles gepakt er een raam en of deur ingeknipt , wat stroken aluminium folie opgerold en deze als raamkozijn langs het gat vast geplakt.

Aluranium folie

Een aluminium draad sierlijk om de dop vast gedraaid daar weer aluminiumfolie omheen gedaan.

En uiteindelijk klei uitgerold, mooie plakken van gesneden en deze op de fles vast gedrukt .

Schelpjes erin gedrukt. ..En nu staan ze goed te drogen en als het droog is plakken we ze aan elkaar vast !

En kijk eens hoe leuk ! Je zou er een leuk plantje in kunnen doen !

Groetjes Miep

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How Long Does It Take For Eyelashes To Grow?
Why do eyelashes fall out? How long do they take to grow? I'll tell you everything about eyelashes and I'll give you six tricks to speed up their growth.Many women love to show off long, abundant and voluminous eyelashes, as they have been associated with beauty and attractiveness since ancient times. For this reason, many are the people who try to lengthen them or see them more populated. But what happens if you lose them? Can they grow back?Yes, you could lose your eyelashes due to nutritional deficiencies, age, an accident, stress, or hormonal disorders. Even for using very aggressive makeup, and yes, the eyelashes grow. How is The Growth Of Eyelashes? - In theory, lashes take 6 weeks or so to grow when they've been uprooted or lost to chemotherapy or a burn. But you should know that the growth of eyelashes depends on several factors. If the hair follicles are damaged as a result of a disease, they will take longer to grow, while if they are healthy, the eyelashes will grow back without problems. In order for you to better understand this process, I will show you the phases of its development.- Anagen phase. Also known as the growth period, it is the phase in which the hair follicle is in good condition and healthy and strong eyelashes are more likely to grow. There is good nutrition and this phase lasts between 30 and 45 days. - Catagen phase. It is also known as the transition period, and it is the stage in which the growth of the eyelashes reaches its peak. However, there are still 2-3 weeks left to receive more nutrients and get stronger until the follicle begins to close. You must be careful because at this stage the eyelashes are more sensitive to external agents, so treat them with care or you will delay growth. - Telogen phase. Once the follicle has closed after the lashes grow, they stop receiving nutrients. In this way, they will fall in the next 30 days. In addition, you will have been able to verify that several eyelashes' hair can fall out at the same time. If you eat in a healthy and balanced way, avoid stress and take care of them, your eyelashes will be stronger. How To Make Them Grow Naturally? - Some tips you can follow to grow eyelashes and lengthen them naturally are: Avoid rubbing your eyes too hard. Don't overuse the eyelash curler. Remove completely makeup before going to sleep. Carefully clean your makeup brushes and sponges. Do not abuse the mascara. Eat foods rich in keratin such as rice, legumes, etc. In addition, there are home remedies to make your eyelashes grow strong, healthy, and quickly. - Coconut Oil - To grow eyelashes with coconut oil, simply take a cotton swab or eyelash brush and soak it in the oil. Gently rub in the area of ​​​​the eyelashes and at their root, on the eyelid. It is best to start at the root and brush upwards, leaving it on for several hours. You can use it both day and night, it is an excellent product for its high protein content. It absorbs easily, but don't overdo it or it will clump.You can also opt for almond oil, very nutritious and beneficial for eyelash growth. Shea Butter - The high vitamin C content of this fat prevents free radical damage and contributes to collagen production. This helps strengthen the lashes and speeds up their growth. To apply the shea butter on the eyelashes, it is better to do it at night. Take a small amount of butter with your fingers and rub until it dissolves. Then, spread it over the eyelids until they are completely covered. Remove the product the next morning. Castor Oil - It helps hydrate, strengthen and grow lashes if you use it daily, but you must leave it on overnight. Apply it with a swab or a piece of cotton and remove the next morning with plenty of water. Green Tea - Eyelashes also grow with green tea thanks to a substance called polyphenol, known for its multiple health benefits. It contributes to the growth of the eyelashes, as well as to their strengthening. You can apply it on the eyelashes directly to get the most out of this remedy. The rich concentration of antioxidants and flavonoids present in green tea regenerates and promotes the growth of eyelashes. Olive Oil - Apply a little olive oil on a cotton swab on the upper and lower lashes to grow them. The benefits of this product for hair and eyelashes are due to a compound called oleuropein, as it strengthens hair and helps eyelashes grow faster. Thanks to the olive oil you will have long and beautiful eyelashes. You just have to let it act overnight to hydrate and strengthen them. Remove the next morning with a make-up remover lotion and in a few weeks, you will notice the difference. Chamomile - This beauty treatment is very simple, so much so that you only have to boil a chamomile flower with water. When it boils, remove it from the heat until it cools down a bit. Then wet a piece of cotton and pass it over the area of ​​the eyelashes, but make sure it is clean and without makeup. You will be able to repeat this process every night and, in just one month, you will begin to notice the results when you see your eyelashes grow. I use almond oil for my eyelashes and it's fabulous :) #beauty #beautytips #tips #eyelashes #natural #naturalbeauty