Discussion Post: Service Not Profit

In this discussion post provided by an academic writing service with the aim to enhance the learning experience through Pearson Education materials, there are two insights that captured my attention as a discussion post writer. First, the idea that it is impossible to provide a service without thinking whether it is a profitable action or not. Second, the idea that executives of the business that produces sports cars, such as Jaguar, knew about the advantage of using the said marketing concept results in a question “how can they keep it a secret for long?” In other words, it is a concept that is not difficult to copy. It is important to address these two issues in order to appreciate the concept of services and non-profit marketing.
With regards to the first issue, it is common knowledge that corporate leaders or executives have some responsibilities before the investors or shareholders. If this is the case, how it is possible for a business leader to implement a strategy that follows this marketing framework. Thus, there is a need to reformulate the presentation to make it more clear. For example, it has to be clarified that in this type of approach, a profit is not considered a main prerogative. In other words, the company should not experience the financial losses in order to implement this new strategy. It simply means that when such an enterprise provides a service or offers a product, the primary motivation is not to earn a profit but to provide a service. On the other hand, with regards to the second issue, one can argue that this type of approach is not applicable for all types of business models.
It can only work for companies, such as Jaguar or Hermes, if the established brand requires no aggressive advertising or hard-selling techniques, as it is a well-known and respected trade mark.