Another day, more worries. Destiny Hartwell never seemed to have a break. Always something had to happen, ever since she had come to New York. No, ever since she had met Riley and the gang. She should have probably gone to the Catholic school where her father taught. At least she would know how Riley felt every day in history class. It surely was embarrassing to have your father be your teacher. Sometimes Destiny couldn't help but wonder how was their relationship at home. She knew that if she was in Riley's shoes, she would feel awkward at class and would have to behave at her best everywhere in fear of embarrassing her father and ruining his reputation.

And Maximilian was getting quite the reputation. Sometimes, when Destiny returned home, she would see him with children and teens. Recently, he had started giving private lessons. His job apparently didn't seem to be enough to feed himself and Destiny. She had wondered whether they had money problems. But when she had asked him about that, he had smiled and had told her:

"I want to give you a better education."

Destiny had been afraid he was giving her hints to move her to the Catholic school he was teaching at. A change would be pleasantly accepted, but she couldn't bear to leave Sarah. And she definitely had to fix her relationship with the gang.

Speaking of them, she had to go and meet them at Topanga's straight after school.

Through the whole school day, she was anxious and was feeling uncomfortable.  Dark thoughts and curiosity couldn't stop eating her alive. Why were they calling her there? What was intended by that?

Destiny was growing afraid by the minute. If she could, she would have attempted to fall asleep in class. But that would give her detention. And that was the last thing she wanted.

When the last bell of the school day rang, the students ran out of the classrooms of their last periods. All, but Destiny. She was taking her time. On purpose. Of course. Anyone in her shoes would do that.

She was walking slowly. It didn't matter to her if she was late or not. Had she ever been late in her life? She couldn't remember.

Upon reaching Topanga's, Destiny tried to think of an excuse if anyone questioned her.

"Hey, where were you? We were so worried!" , she imagined Riley would ask her that before she and Maya would give her a hug.

"Sorry, got too caught up."

Did that sound convincing enough?

The girl took a deep breath, mentally preparing to enter the bakery, the small bell to ring, announcing her presence.

Riley stood up, almost ready to greet Destiny with a hug. "Hey, where were you? We were so worried!"

Just as Destiny had predicted!

But Destiny wasn't listening. She wasn't noticing anything else besides a person she thought she was never going to see ever again.

She couldn't move an inch from where she stood. It was like she had been frozen, unable to make a step forward. The gang was staring, she knew that. She could care less about them at the moment.

All she was wondering was...

What was he doing here?

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GIRL MEETS DESTINY [16] - a Girl Meets World Fan Fiction