Isadora Smackle had juicy gossip for her friends on the next day. Usually, she wasn't the type of people who cared about rumours, instead preferring to concentrate on her studies and her faithful group of friends. But on the next morning, she had run her way to school, skipping stones and stair steps to tell them what she had seen the previous day that had left her not being able to sleep properly that night.

"I saw Destiny," She leaned in closer and half-whispered. "She was in the park, hanging out with a boy."

Riley and Maya gasped, eyes wide open, like fluffy pancakes on a Sunday morning. Destiny? Their friend? With a boy? Indeed that was something they wouldn't think could happen to their new friend. They had the impression that she was a shyer girl, not really into relationships. If only they knew the story of her and Keith.

Lucas shook his head in disapproval. "What's so strange about that?"

He was sure Zay and Farkle could agree with him. And so what if Destiny had been with a boy? Didn't she have the right to do so? Or what? It wasn't like there was going to be a third World War.

The girls looked at him askew. Hadn't he understood how important for them was to get to know their new friend? Obviously not. Boys. They never seemed to understand everything.


"How could you say that?"

Maya grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, just like she would do when they were in middle school. "Listen, Huckleberry," She hadn't used that nickname in what seemed ages, "Destiny is our friend. We wanna learn more about her. Got it?"

Lucas was about to defend himself, when Destiny approached them, letting out a giggle. She had never seen the gang act like that between each other. In another sunny day, she would try her hardest to avoid them, but that day, she didn't only look different, but she had a different attitude.

Destiny was planning to be more productive, to do her best. She had learned her lesson perfectly by heart and was going to participate more in class. It was time for her to change for good.

"I love your outfit!", Riley praised Destiny, Maya and Isadora, agreeing with her        
"I love your outfit!", Riley praised Destiny, Maya and Isadora, agreeing with her. Destiny blushed. She was not used to people paying her so much attention.

The girls linked each other's arms and walked to class with the boys, laughing together and earning glances and glares from their classmates. Including Sarah. Destiny wasn't sure how she was going to face her later during the day.

"Don't worry about her," Maya whispered in her ear, referring to Sarah. Was Destiny like an open book? Were her feelings that prominent to the world? The answer, sadly, was a big yes.

At lunch, Destiny, instead of wanting to hide in the library, listening to the same song over and over again. sat with the girls. The boys had secluded themselves, wanting to give the girls more space.

"What's up with them?" , Destiny asked. She was beginning to make improvements in her behaviour, starting with obvious baby steps, such as talking more to her father, asking him about his day. She was aiming to become a new person.

Isadora shrugged.

Riley thought it would be the perfect moment to change the topic. "So, a little birdie," She winked at Isadora, "told us that you have met a boy!"

Destiny wanted to blush. But no redness appeared on her face. Instead, another giggle came out of her mouth. Today was a new day, full of honest feelings and what seemed, a budding friendship.

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