Diy Tissue Box decopatching

In daycare, at school or at home there are always times when it is convenient to use a tissue. How convenient is it to make your own tissue box that also stands out well. Ineke van der Linde seemed like a good idea and she made one for her in the nursery shelter. Do you read how she made it?

Diy Tissue Box

The first time Decopatch...

First engaged in decopatch. What a cool technique. And not at all difficult.

This time I got to make something for myself.

I picked out a wooden tissue box. I'll have a lot of fun, but the box isn't entirely for me anyway. I'm gonna use the tissue box in my nursing care facility. No more flabby tissue boxes on the table I thought of.

But yes... what motive?

A neutral green motive, I thought. But I got three kinds.

I looked at the decopatch sheets and couldn't imagine what it was going to be.

I started with the hardest part, I think. The edge of the lid.

The technique was very easy and soon I saw how it could be.

When I finished the green layer, I was already quite satisfied.

But I thought, when I'm going to use it in my nursing care, it may also get a “playful” touch.

There was also a sheet of tickling bugs. That was the finishing touch!

Cutting out the tickle bugs was a bit of work. That's what I'd love to do for.

Rara, how many tickling bugs can you find?

I am happy with my Gastoudervant-Tissue Box myself. He's unique. And when it's on the table it will always “trigger” a number of children to search for the bugs 🐛 🕷. And who knows, a number of people are encouraged to blow their nose early on!



Here is the result of all 3 used decopatch paper together!


Do you see the tickle bugs, too?

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