Do rocket test with a plastic bottle and bicycle pump

Today it is with the family ofPatrick Bosmanstime for a #raketproefje The children are often delighted with creative and educational ideas of Patrick. That means learning and discovering fun, and I think this taste is so cool! The test means that you can start shooting your own rocket (plastic bottle) with air pressure. You can see this in the two videos they sent me. Too nice not to even try this and immediately very instructive! Real Science/science experiments are these for children!

You can find the working description in detail on this site:

Patrick tells about making this rocket trial:

1. Cut a cork in half and pull out a valve of, for example, a broken bicycle tire.

2. Put the cork on an empty PET bottle. The bottle reversed on a raise, for example, put a beer crate where you can access through the holes.

3. Put the bicycle pump on the valve and pump it. The bottle fills with air through which it will fly off the cork. If you fill the bottle with 1/4 water it will fly even higher than empty.


Here you can see how air is added to the bottle with a valve by means of a bicycle pump.

Here's how hard the rocket is being launched by the first child to do it.
Here's how hard the rocket is being launched by the second child who gets to do it.

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