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Good morning,

Making choices.

For someone else or for yourself.

You never know in advance how someone else will react to your actions and act in a particular situation.

We always try to act from a positive point of view, if a certain answer is given somewhere or if a certain message needs to be told or executed.

Everyone is good with filling/translating other people's feelings, but the true feelings of another person can be distorted or not visible through conscious choices.

Any decision taken or taken can have major consequences in a person's life or thought.

Not every decision needs to be strong, some nuance and the feeling of the spoken word can help to ensure that the positive attitude is not deprived.

It is of course each his/her own responsibility to do something with it or not, whatever the spoken word is.

Making a decision is done so, but the nuance determines the feeling.

Do you agree with that?

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Greetings, Mitch Peters

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