Do you follow your Intuition?

Beautifully displayed, as Patrick always does in his pieces.
The way he depicts it, it's actually a route to learning to trust yourself.
Intuition... (pure) —> undergo moments and challenges.
Self-knowledge (innovative and growing) —> translations of all these special moments.
Inner wisdom (learn to accept and save) —> learn to trust more and more in the knowledge you have gained.
Reason often gives us the safety to make certain choices. Intuition... a cheerful feeling that always has a right answer. It warns and also gives answers to what you can act on.
The challenges and/or exercises that come in our path teach us to listen better and better to the (purity) intuition.
And sometimes it's too challenging not to listen to our intuition and find out what answer we get after all.
Intuition... something special. We know and (re) know it all, but acting on it sometimes needs a little more trust.
Do you follow your Intuition?
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Mitch Peters
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