Do You have small personal rituals before going into Your creative space and process?

small personal rituals that makes you feel at peace or in better mood?

GAVE YOU confident or "you time" even for five MINUTES?

Thank You for taking my YP while answering and reading the post! Appreciate love even more. This is a poem a wrote to my inter writer the day I decided to start the "10 by Wednesday" challenge! I'll like to share it with you because I forgot about it, and came upon it today while working on Ivy story no.5 #10bywednesday #poetry

By ritual, I mean something that you do regularly. Makes You happy and think better, or more focused on your work. Can be anything. Write me in the coment. 

I think a lot about that, the importance of making that one small ritual before You start your thing. For me is jump in the sea and taking a swim, or sup-board yoga (now it's more fun, the sea is colder, balance is important for not being in the cold), or taking a long hot shower. Using candles and smell sticks, or burning herbs (nice smell smoke), as keeping my work space clean and simple orgenized. Those are small stuff and rituals I enjoy to put myself in an even better mood and confidence to do my thing. In this case, it was reading this poem, stumbled back on it while making plans for Ivy and the island stories in my notebook today. I noticed I like to start from my previous writings, but this one surprised me becouse I forgot about it. Now it on my wall, writen by hand like a simple note as a reminder what's my writing all about, why does makes me happy and even, how I can give even more in to it? And also, share it whit You guys. Thank you for reading my post and my poem! 

"Child of Nature, do not skip this part,


" Starting date is already set in the stars,
can you please tell me how could ever I,
stay deaf on such an ancient call?

Stay blind around all that wind in the trees,
it's not an option no longer for me!

Now, do not be mad at you at all,
just seek and You have the answer given in one whole.
Where hurts the most, You can feel,
so start serving the cure, my Child dear!

Also, play a lot while You do it, I love seeing you smile!
You are a miracle of life, don't you ever forget that!
Now go happy and know,

Life supports you no matter where You go!"

by Child of Nature




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