Do you help increase the job happiness in NL?

For a new set up #platform we are looking for:
- stress/burnout coach
- reintegration specialist

The platform, , was founded from the philosophy that everyone in the Netherlands (and Belgium) has the right to #werkplezier - Yes. Therefore, everyone can ask one question free of charge to the experts who are affiliated with the platform. This way we hope that people will have new inspiration and/or knowledge in order to be able to experience more work pleasure again.

The commercial aspect is in the brand awareness. The step to switch to a paid service from the expert is smaller because the customer has already received a free answer.

At the moment, the following expertises are connected to the platform:
- career coaching
- CV & motivation letter guidance
- entrepreneurial coach
- Lawyer on Employment Law

My suspicion is that every expert is engaged in activities for the platform less than an hour a week. The entry costs relate to the costs I incur when setting up the project which so far is about €100.

Does this sound interesting? Don't hesitate to contact me.