Good morning,

My first thoughts about the picture make me quiet.

No words.

No answers.

No content

No interpretation.

Those who are at the front in the hospital.

Mostly grief and fighting for life around them.

Compete for the profession they have chosen to practice.

Fighting for life to keep those who are carried in alive.

Without and with consciousness that they also have to fear for their own lives.

Fighting the terrible, invisible enemy.

Watching distance and looking at the picture, bizarre and full of respect.

Respect for all those warriors who look life and death (and perhaps as a reflection) right in the eye.

Thank you again and a deep bow and respect for you.

No words for it. The difference of 1.5 meters.

Do you join us: 1.5 meters away?

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Like = respect

Greetings, Mitch Peters

PS Feel free to invite me as a contact/follower (I'm going to surprise you with insights) #dank #samen #verpleging Ps.2 Of course, all nurse and nurturing <3

Do you join us: 1.5 meters away?