Do You Need To Update Your Bathtub? How To Select The Ideal Choice For You

Nothing beats a soothing bubble bath after a long, difficult day. But you need a spotless area you genuinely want to sink into if you want to enjoy some TLC in the bathtub. Because they are so intimidating, many of us put off bathtub restoration jobs. Rust, dirt, and cracks may soon transform your peaceful haven into an unsanitary nightmare.

There is a bathtub renovation choice available to meet your budget, timing, and lifestyle, regardless of whether you have a few little rust spots or a significant problem. With the assistance of some experts who know all about transforming a bathtub nightmare into a dream come true, we're deconstructing three of the most well-liked solutions.

1. Refinishing or reglazing bathtubs

Resurfacing, recoating, refinishing, or reglazing are some of the other names for this bathtub renovation alternative, which has a rather simple procedure. A professional will begin by sanding the tub's surface, filling in any cracks or damaged spots before applying multiple layers of primer and paint and finishing with a final buffing.

Since bathtub reglazing is only a cosmetic improvement, it's typically a short-term solution.

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2. Tub linings

Bath liners are essentially an acrylic copy of your current bathtub, with the exception that you can choose the color and skirt design of your choice, and they're rather simple to install. In actuality, experts lay the liner over the existing bathtub and then use silicone acrylic and two-sided tape to permanently attach it.

Even while installation usually takes a day or two, the entire process might take up to two months since contractors must first take precise measurements and images of the area to create an acrylic liner.

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3. Changing the bathtub

A complete bathtub replacement is another choice to think about, whether your bathtub is plain filthy or you just want a new start. Naturally, this choice requires the greatest time and money because it involves removing your old bathtub and replacing it with a new one.

It makes sense to take on a bigger project, like a complete bathtub replacement, if you have the time and resources to do so. Homeowners have the option to completely personalize their new room if they don't like the size, shape, or location of an existing tub.

The material of your tub is your choice, and you may always choose a less expensive option, like fiberglass or acrylic, to put more money toward the rest of your project.