Do you watch where you take your new steps?

Good afternoon,

It would be nice if that were the intention of everyone.

Accept a person's past without questions, opinions and/or judgment. You all want to be accepted as you are.

The past has shaped us. Everyone has a backpack, and it's just what you do with the contents.

Everyone does this in their own way with (sometimes) some “help” you get from people who matter.

The approach of the encounters that take place is to investigate who someone is and learn to accept that there are always things that differ from each other.

The past is a footstep that shows depth, shows the shape of the print and shows you the direction to where your “individuality” as a person is best achieved.

No one can change or modify the past anymore. The steps you take or have taken can put you in situations that you want to avoid.

The “giving and receiving” will give a balance when you are in a connection, but also when you meet, both open to (learn) “accept” each other as you are.

“Learning to accept” is not constantly turning around, but looking forward to where your future lies. That what you leave behind will be a part that can be a lesson to take other steps from now on than before.

Do you watch where you take your new steps?

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Greetings, Mitch Peters

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