Doctors who cash on coronate asses

Hospitals on collision course with doctors cashing on coronate asses. Brabantse hospitals are messed up with the doctors-microbiologist of laboratory Microvida. These doctors are contractually entitled to millions extra to perform coronate tests. Because, according to the hospitals, their “excess profits” are disproportionate to their efforts, the hospitals do not want to pay the money — from public funds. Doctor and OMT member Jan Kluytmans belongs to the multiearners.

The pandemic is a sledgehammer for the economy. Many entrepreneurs are threatening to go down, jobs and incomes are under pressure. But the doctors-microbiologist of the Brabant laboratory Microvida do not suffer from the malaise: they can draw up the bill of a financially highly successful 2020.

Because Microvida has been transformed into a test plant last year: thousands of samples of GGDs from the region have been analysed daily for the presence of the coronavirus. And with every test, the cash register is for the eleven doctors who run the lab.

What about that? Microvida receives 65 euros from public funds for a so-called PCR test. Due to the large number of tests in the region of West Brabant, the invoice for the whole of 2020 is estimated to have increased to sixteen million euros..

Almost a fifth of these flows into a partnership of eleven freely-established doctors. They rent themselves to the four hospitals that jointly own Microvida. According to the contract between Microvida and the doctors — recognized by Follow the Money — doctors are entitled to 19 percent of this test turnover. That is, therefore, about EUR 3 million, a small three tonnes per doctor. Note: these are additional earnings, on top of their regular income of about three tons of gross.

Earn from the misery of another: Pension funds doctors invest in weapons, liquor, casinos and cannabis of the two pension funds analyzed.