Does it make sense to program and prepare your tax return 2020


Everyone in the Netherlands can make tax returns. Many are opposed to it and therefore leave a lot of money.

The tax return for the calendar year 2020 refers to the tax credits (the amount you do not have to pay tax on) the home and the personal deduction. This information is about this last deduction option.

Most people will have to forget the increase in expenditure on specific care costs or that some expenses will not be declared to the tax authorities. That is a pity, because it is precisely through this that the financial burden can be alleviated.

Below an overview of the costs that are often incurred, indicating which costs can and which costs cannot be included in the tax return. Expenditure on medicines, hearing aids and adjustments to a car or other means of transport often appears not to be included in the tax return. The transport costs to the hospital or another medical practitioner can quickly result in a substantial deduction. Because if you have to drive 20 kilometers back and 20 kilometers every week to see your doctor or to go to the hospital, then that will soon be 2,000 kilometers on an annual basis. If you have a car for which the cost is €0.35 per kilometer, then the amount that can be included in the declaration is €700. In the case of a hospital visit by a family member, it is 2000 km X €0,19. And is the deduction €380. Some people are prescribed a diet by the doctor and forget to include these dietary costs in the declaration. Also, if there is family assistance that is (partially) paid or there are expenses for extra clothes and bed linen, do not forget to include these costs in the tax return. On you can find a lot of information or just email me with your questions.

Type of costs 2020
Health or health insurance premiums (both basic and supplementary contributions) Not deductible
Legal own contribution from, for example, CAK or medicines Not deductible
Own contribution Health Insurance Act Not deductible
Legally required deductible Not deductible
Voluntary deductible Not deductible
Medical or surgical assistance This includes:
Nursing in a hospital or other institution Deductable
Costs of dentist, physiotherapy or specialist Deductable
Treatment prescribed and supervised by a paramedic such as an optometrist or a dental prosthetist Deductable
Cost of treatment by a paramedic without referral from a doctor Deductable under conditions
Mental health care costs for a person under the age of 18 Not deductible
Costs for dyslexia care for a person under 18 years Not deductible
Costs for a prenatal screening, such as a combination test or a NIPT test Not deductible
Cost of IVF treatment Deductable under conditions
Medications prescribed by a doctor (also homeopathic remedies), except the statutory own contribution Deductable
Tools This includes:
Support insoles Deductable
Walker, walker, crutches, walking aid with 3 or 4 legs, elbow stool, axillary stool or underarm bowl stool, gypsum support Not deductible
Scooter mobile and wheelchair Not deductible
Hearing aids Deductable under conditions
Other adjustments, for example to a car or bicycle Deductable
Transport This includes:
Transport costs to a doctor or hospital Actual expenditure per kilometre deductible
Higher transport costs due to illness or disability Deductable
Dietary costs Fixed amount per diet deductible, seediet list 2020.
Additional family assistance due to illness or disability Partly deductible
Extra clothes and bed linen Fixed amounts deductible under conditions
Travel expenses for sick visit (Fixed) amounts deductible under conditions