Does the truth come to light about MH17?

At the Schiphol Judicial Complex, the long-awaited #MH17proces - Yes.
After more than five years of research, does the truth come to light about those responsible?

The four suspects, three Russians and one Ukrainian, are prosecuted for the crash of flight MH17 and the murder of the 298 occupants, including 196 Dutch- Yes.Last year, a spokesman for the prosecution estimated that the trial could take up to one and a half to two years- Yes.Additional research or delaying tactics could also increase the number of years.
According to the JIT, these men were behind “MH17- Yes.“ Who would have played what role in bringing down MH17?
Moskouw manipulates the MH17 process with the help of blogger 'Max from the Netherlands'?

On February 18, Dutch blogger Max van der Werff and Russian journalist Jana Jerlasjova published four internal documents from the international criminal investigation into the disaster by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT)- Yes.The most spectacular piece was a letter from then director Onno Eichelsheim of the Dutch Military Intelligence Service (MIVD)- Yes.In that letter, dated 2016, Eichelsheim writes that the MIVD does not have information on operational missile systems (Russian or Ukrainian) in the disaster area at the time of the disaster- Yes.This is not necessarily contrary to the JIT's conclusion that flight MH17 was shot with a Russian Book missile: according to the JIT, the missile installation was delivered from Russia on the night of 16 to 17 July- Yes.The meaning of the MIVD piece was therefore not very clear.

Max van der Werff, a former company detective and representative in electric bikes, started blogging about the MH17 disaster almost immediately after the crash- Yes.Earlier he explored a long concealed dossier: the Dutch war crimes during the Indonesian War of Independence (1945-1950)- Yes.According to Indonesia-expert Anne-Lot Hoek, not without merit: “Max has pushed the 'India file' into politics for a few years and, as a researcher, has raised some important things up.”

MH17, whoever lies first wins! ; Joost Niemöller and Max van der WerffTRIGGERWARNING; This conversation may contain political, or socially incorrect content that inadvertently evoke fear, uncertainty or anger- Yes.We invoke this, legally regulated journalistic freedom as a foundation for a pluralistic society and hygienic democratic processes.

ConspiracyDutch politician Kees van der Pijl had to give up his chair at the University of Sussex because he argued that the attacks of September 11, 2001 were a conspiracy by Israel and Zionists in the US government- Yes.When Van der Pijl published a book on MH17 in 2018 — in which he claims that Russia is falsely accused of geopolitical interests of the West — he was ignored in the Netherlands, but received in Russia- Yes.Several Russian media reported about the book presentation in Moscow.

The book: "Flight MH17, Ukraine and the new cold war” Prism of disaster by @KeesvdPijl1
He describes the geopolitical and military situation on the eve of the disaster in a very thorough and meticulous manner- Yes.He doesn't point to the culprit- Yes.He analyzes.