You love your dog, that's why you have it as a pet in the first instant and you feel so happy whenever your dog wags its tail around and plastering your face with kisses.

But once you perceive bad breathe from your dog, you tend to withdrew and try to figure out what the cause might be.

It could be what it just ate, but the following day and the day after the horrible breathe remained.  

Then, you should consider taking your pet to a veterinarian to be sure the cause isn't an underlying medical condition.

Worry not, this article is just for you.

Read through this article to discover the possible cause of bad breathe you recently noticed in your dog.

Kidney disease
If the breathe of your dog smells awful like feces or urine. Go check if it has put it mouth in poops if not take to a veterinarian to carry bout test on it. Because it might be as a result of kidney disease.

No adequate exercise and ventilation
If your dogs aren't exercising properly, that's if you hardly take them out for walk, a lot of dirt will definitely build up in them contributing to bad breathe.

More so, if your dogs aren't receiving adequate ventilation, build up of smell occurs and this can lead to bad breathe.

Poor oral health
This can range from tooth decay, disease of the gum and oral infection. If you their teeth are not cleaned always, it may lead to dental caries, dental plagues and bad breathe.

Injury or wounds
Your dogs may sustain injury in their mouth h while chewing bones or playing with toys. It may bleed and get healed at once.

But if the wound persist it results to bad breathe, therefore try to inspect your dog properly if you notice any bad breathe. So you can give it the required treatment.

A dog that got cold infection tend to let out bad breathe through its mouth. Sinusitis is a disease condition whereby the respiratory track is inflamed.

This tend to block the respiratory tract and resulting to bad breathe. Ensure to take your dog to a veterinarian if you suspect the cause of it bad breathe to be cold infection.

How to deal with bad breathe in your dog

1. Brushing
Cleaning the teeth of your dog is the number one technique of combating the terrible odour. Give it a thorough mouth washing and you will be glad you did it.

2. Give your dogs chew toys
Giving your dogs chew toys will help to remove any stinking dirt that cause bad smell.

3. Feed the dogs healthy foods
Feeding your dogs healthy foods is necessary and very important because it will help to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

4. Feed them fruit and vegetables
Do you know carrots and strawberries are wonderful for your dogs? Don't just feed them their regulars.

Include fruits and vegetables in their list of foods. This will help to promote their bowel movement and hasten the removal of whatever that might be causing bad breathe in them.


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