The young Brabant woman has resorted to Ron's Total Dog Care in Tilburg ('key between man and dog'). Together with some other owners, who finally want to be the boss, she gets taught for eight weeks how to put her animal back in place.

The villain is a little further away in the room: a little dog named Chilli. He bites Jan and everyone else and can't be trusted with the children, who are now terrified of him. The only one who stays out of gunshot is Nikita himself. She fears that Chilli will be at home no longer be able to maintain.

Because there is the crux: a dog is an animal, not a human, and must therefore be addressed as such. And in the animal world, according to the dog trainers, the law of the strongest applies. In dog trainer language: you should no longer want to be the leader's female.

In Josefien van Kooten's tragicomic observing documentary Honds (27 min.) a fascinating spectacle between man and animal takes place. Behind the powerlessness of the owners hide personal themes, such as a lack of self-esteem or difficulty in setting boundaries.

They inevitably emerge in the intensive training sessions and sometimes also create emotional scenes, in which whisperer Ron and his colleagues give practical life lessons that transcend the relationship with the dog.

It actually makes the dog owners a better person. And having a dog is (hopefully) no longer a dog job.
Honds (Sunday 25 October at 23.00 hours, on NPO3)
Source: The DocupDate