Man's best friend

We rescued this dog 6 year ago. She was living in a very rough neighborhood, where violence, crime, drugs and alcohol are a normal every day part of life for the people living there.

My husband works in construction and was dropping people off there and every day for a week he saw her walking up and down the street. One day he decided to stop and ask who she belongs to. Someone told him to go ask in the tavern because she was often seen in there.

He went into the tavern and the owner said she had just shown up a few months back and they allowed her to sleep there in the evenings, but they wished someone would take her to a better area, because the drunk customers often would kick her or try and hit her with things.

My husband didn't think twice and told the owner he would take her in. He arrived at home with her and she was and still is the most loving, most peaceful dog. She rarely barks, she is just so relaxed. She use to be afraid every time we picked up a broom to sweep or a hosepipe to water the garden and we had to teach her that we were not going to hurt her, now if I water the garden she will stand next to me and doesn't fear the hosepipe anymore.

In April she had a stroke and we all cried so much, we thought this is it, her time is up. She spent some time at a animal hospital, but our fears were for nothing and she made a full recovery.

This was her today, after the kids gave her a bath. Our old lady is so wonderful, I could never picture life without this gentle girl. Her name is Daisy, like the flower.

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