Don't be Greedy . GTA Online Heists

Sometimes I join a heist, once they see that I have a high rank, they often think that I have plenty of money. (I do, that's not the point.)

They think they can put me off with a low-cut!? But you pay someone for the work he puts in. I did not become rich by taking low cuts.

This is not about money, it’s about principle. Do not be greedy! here’s why….

So I join a fleeca job. During the setups I do all the work. When stealing the kuruma he wasnt even at the parking garage when i was done. (whatever, I put in a 100% for everybody) We arrive at the heist, the host sees that I have a high rank and thinks he can get away with a 70/30 cut. I tell him it's not enough for the work I put in, and that he gets what he pays for. He still makes the decision to start the game 70/30.

He gives me the driver job, thats cool, I do any heist job you need. I got it all under control. (and this is the most simple of all)

The mission starts, I drove him to the bank, arrived at the bank. He was still working on the hack. He fucks up the hack at least 20 times. My headset was nearly destroyed by his screams. He did not get it done and became even angrier.
Finally, he completes the hack. We get in the bank. Now he starts to drill, even that takes 5 minutes. meanwhile, he was so done with this game. LOL. I tried to calm him down so he wouldnt leave. Finally he gets the drill done.

He runs to the kuruma, I let him in and drive away. first roadblock, no problem, I pass it on the left. Second roadblock, no problem. I pass it on the left. Third roadblock, I fly between the cars. still no problem. (it's the easiest Heist job right?)

We're almost at the bridge and I ask him. hacking was really a pain in the @$$ huh? and that drilling? .. Yes he says, “I'm so glad I don’t have to do it anymore ever again. I was almost at the point of trowing my xbox out the window.”

That moment I remind him that he has not paid me enough and the next time he should be less greedy.

I drove the kuruma into the sea. mission failed. it's been a week now and he's still sending me hate messages.
Think he learned the lesson? I know i’m an asshole.