Don't eat bats?

Most people now crave a vaccine or a cure for the Corona virus. I'm not so waiting for that, frankly. You just have to see what it works out in the long run. We have been “rummaging” in some places with all kinds of medication for years. I myself had hepatitis at a young age and therefore I am immune for life. That's a little more efficient than a vaccine that needs to be repeated every 5 years. I get a stamp in my vaccination passport for Africa that the Creator has given me immunity. I think vaccines against deadly, threatening diseases such as meningococci or polio are fine. But many other diseases you better overcome yourself and thereby build resistance. Not only against that particular disease, but perhaps also against 100 other (viruses, bacteria) that we do not know but are built into the Creator vaccine. We treat ourselves the way we treated the planet. Pesticides, genetic engineering, depletion of the earth. And we ourselves are exhausted. Perhaps this also gives diseases such as HIV, Malaria and Corona more and easier opportunities to seize. Good nutrition, natural behaviour, less stress due to less intensive exploitation of everything could be much more efficient than a vaccine. Personally, I believe that the quality of our food is hygienically good, but no more fraction of what it was. I have nothing against doctors, not much against vaccines, but believe our Creator would have thought differently. Have you ever seen things like this in the Bible:”The bat and winged insects are considered inedible to you.“(Leviticus 11:19 -20). Pretty topical. There are still a few things I can mention. I might do it again. But for now, this is enough. We pollute ourselves, scream mood and fire when we get sick and preferably intervene directly with chemistry and other unnatural means. There's still a lot to learn.

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