Don't let the Pacific Islands disappear | Hans

Don't let the Pacific Islands disappear

Climate change is causing the Pacific Islands to drown. Global addiction to oil, gas and coal threatens to swallow our islands. Centimeter by inch, they disappear into the warming sea. But we won't watch our house be wiped off the map! That's why we're joining forces with hundreds of Nobel Prize winners and thousands of scientists worldwide and calling on world leaders to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty for Fossil Fuels to achieve an equitable energy transition. It's time to make peace with the planet. That vulnerable countries finally get the funding they need for 'loss & damage' due to climate change and that polluters pay. It is said that the ocean will flood our islands one day. But I promise you, we will continue to fight for our home until that day. Because if we can save our islands, we can save the whole world.

Tuvalu to Atua Kausea Natano Prime Minister of Tuvalu

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