Don't look up; pray!

In the widely discussed #Netflix movie #DontLookUp there is a remarkable role for #religion. The movie is a 2 hour long political satire and has a message for our world in times of environmental crisis. Let's hope (and take action) that it will never come this far, but at the end of times in the movie there is some special role for prayer. What do you do, when the end is near? You eat, pray and love. Below are the words of a beautiful prayer from the table-scene in the last minutes of the movie. Maybe it is not such a bad idea to use these words today!

Dearest Father, Almighty Creator,
We ask your grace tonight, despite our pride.
Your forgiveness despite our doubts.
Most of all Lord we ask for Your love to soothe us through these dark times.
May we face whatever is to come in Your divine will,
with courage and open hearts of acceptance


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