Donald is one of the goats we went to pick up on April 12th. Together with Daisy and Filip, they were quarantined with us until the blood results were in.🎀

At Donald we soon noticed that the eartags were inflamed. The vet was then at half past nine to take out the eartags so we could take care of his ears for a week.🐐

At the moment, we are working to ensure that the obligation of eartags has to stop. Hobby holders of small animals should be given the choice if they want to eartag or chip goats/sheep. Chipping may be more expensive but does not cause tetanus, dangerous inflammations or torn ears. 🙈

Shooting in the ear tags is such a barbaric practice (real animal abuse) that we let new goats put to sleep by the vet for this. 🐐

Hopefully, we will achieve something with the campaign we are launching on this, because it has to be able to find otherwise. ❤😊