Doodlechallenge Fruit - Bananas

Doodlechallenge - Fruit - Bananas

On Yoors a Doodlechallenge started by @Broekie With today the theme Fruit. Maddys Foodfun could not stay behind and also participates in this theme. Bananas! Dancing bananas wringing themselves in all sorts of turns hihi. Sometimes things go wrong and you end up on your back. Luckily, there are your friends who lift you up again. Do you dance with me? Do you want to participate in this Doodlechallenge then take a look at this post.

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Road trip through the Netherlands with fun spring outfits
#contentcreator   Spring Lookbook 2021 - Enya Mona It's spring! That means a new Spring Lookbook! Along with @Maluc we drove through the Netherlands to nice spots with nice spring outfits. Road trip through the Netherlands - Mill - The Netherlands is also known for their Mills so this could not be missed in the video. Tulip field - I had never gone to a tulip field myself so I thought it was great to see. When we were there, we saw that someone was doing drone footage. We asked if we could use the footage for my video and he immediately said “Yes.”! The drone images you see are made by Joop Schot. Waterside - The view on the water is always very nice! Only you have a bit more wind there, but that was definitely worth it. SPRING LOOKBOOK 2021 - And here he is! My lookbook video. Together with Marc who filmed the images we were able to make a nice video of this.
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What's next?
#shortstory A little bit of my story during my pregnancy. When I read the results of my test, I said, “What should I do now? A thousand questions came to me. I'm alone, my family is in another country. What was I thinking?!!! I had days of discouragement and other of happiness. My family decided to travel, I was not alone. I cheered up, I continued work, I went on a trip for a few days. When my baby was born I understood a lot of things, I would say that I have grown up a lot. In the end, you're not alone, you've got a lot of people on your side, more than we imagine. Now I'm trying to be a good mother, the best thing for my baby.