Drawing assignment: museum of the week

Creative #tekenopdracht within the framework orthe #kinderboekenweek for #basisschool or #thuis from the series #fantasiekaarten .
Look at the picture. Now is later then. Do you remember what was important later? Draw (paint, cut and paste, describe,...) the museum orthe week. You can exaggerate about how beautiful, grand, shiny, special,... something is.
Do you think others can recognize that this is about your week?
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My pride, my novel “Captiva”
#yoorsapril2021 First of all something I'm very proud of is my beautiful family, I love them madly and without them I would not have achieved great goals as it is to have graduated in journalism this year, also another reason of pride for me is my passion for writing. Since I am 12 years old I love to write and through the years I have been improving my writing, currently I have received proposals from foreign publishers to publish and that is happy. I'll leave you a PDF with a chapter of a story. The price to be able to read the first chapter is economical is only €1.50 and with it I hope not to disturb, but the whole book has another price, since I independently sell my stories (at the moment) ✔️ The story I left annexed is called “Captiva” has content for adults, and has second and third parts. 🖊️💙 Synopsis: Meredith is a young adult who was unable to resist handsome millionaire lawyer Robert Meyer, who has very shady secrets that torments him at night.. I hope you like it. 💜
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It happened to all us when we met Yoo.rs
#imadethismeme I am sincerely loving to make original Yoo.rs memes, and I think many of us feel identified with this meme, I abandon facebook in the days of knowing Yoo.rs a place where you could freely express yourself, a non-toxic community, all of them rely on each other, and best of all they value your opinion, your quality content, and allow many people who feel frustrated by Making Poesia that was not heard , Stories that were not read, photographs to be attributedif they were amazing, they did not have the visibility that deserved, Thank you very much Yoo.rs, for giving us the "microphone"; to be able to express ourselves freely.