Drawing flowers with pastel chalk

In 2008, these flowers were drawn in blue vase, with pastel chalk. It is now in a beautiful dark brown wooden frame, that fits nicely.

2008 ABK Flowers in pastel

Pastel is a soft chalk based on kaolin (porcelain) and pigment, which can be painted in a picturesque way. Artists who work with pastel chalk see their work as a painting rather than a drawing. Hearing the word pastel, you will soon think of pastel shades, but pastels are also available in bright colors.

Extensive set of 30 beautiful soft pastels from Rembrandt, the most used pastels in the world. They are very soft and easily give off color.

The colours are pure and brilliant and also excellent lightfast. Your pastel drawing will remain as beautiful, even after many years, as on the day you made it.