Drugs, the passport to the journey of death

What is the true cost of fame? where does it redirect us?

While it costs to achieve great success in life as a musician or any other profession, sometimes we don't analyze the cost that this can have.

Often, fame reaches a level where it is believed that all power is in our hands and that is where our thoughts and desires begin to fluctuate.

This happened in the case of Taylor Hawkins, drummer of the rock band Foo Fighters, who died at the age of 50. He was on tour and the incident happened north of Bogotá, at the hotel where he was staying.

One of the most recent versions, shows that Taylor, had made a call to notify that he was feeling severe pain in his chest, when the doctors arrived at the site, he was already lifeless.

The cause of death was overdose, as a result of the consumption of 10 narcotic drugs that were found in his system.

It should be noted that, Colombia is one of the countries known as the manufacture of drugs of different variants, this could have been a giant temptation for Taylor, a rather regrettable decision.

This leaves us as a reflection that life is a journey with two passports in hand, one legal and one illegal, you decide which documentation you travel with.