DVD & Blu Ray te koop

Minimaliseren, opruimen, ontspullen.

Het is 'in' anno 2019.

Velen kiezen er bewust voor omdat het een opgeruimd gevoel kan geven.

Anderen moeten kleiner gaan wonen en schieten dan pas in actie.

Ik ga verhuizen en wil de nodige ruimte vrijmaken om te schrijven . Ruimte in mijn hoofd en in mijn huis.

Heel veel spullen gaan er uit. Gaande van kledij, schoenen, handtassen, juwelen naar knuffelbeertjes, porseleinen poppen, speelgoed, boeken, babyuitzet, elektro materialen tot meubelen.

Zoek je iets? Laat het me weten. Misschien heb ik het wel liggen voor jou.

DVD & Blu Ray



  • Aeonflux
  • A fistful of dollars
  • Alien

  • Alien 3 
  • A night in old Mexico 
  • Bee Season 
  • Before 
  • Below 
  • Beyond a reasonable doubt 
  • Broken Arrow 
  • City of ember 
  • Conan the barbarian 
  • Criminal 
  • Dead Mine 
  • Elektra 
  • Evita 
  • Georgia Rule 
  • Gooische vrouwen 
  • Gravity 
  • I am number four
  • Jerry Maguire (2 dvd) 
  • Lonely Hearts 
  • Nova Zembla 
  • Nurse Betty 
  • Princess Stories (Disney) 
  • Scarlet & Black (2 dvd) 
  • Soldaat van Oranje 
  • Steam experiment 
  • Switch Back 
  • White Crane White Noise 2: The light 
  • Wit licht 
  • The Assassination of Richard Nixon 
  • The Cave 
  • The Hunting Party 
  • The Hurt Locker (Blu Ray) 
  • The interpreter 
  • The Last Emperor 
  • The pink panther 
  • The pink panther ((Special edition 2 dvd) 
  • The return of the pink panther 
  • The sixt sense


 Kwaliteit: Nieuw.  De reden van verkoop is uitsluitend  kleiner gaan wonen. 

Prijs DVD per stuk: 2 euro

Prijs dubbel DVD: 5 euro

Prijs Blue Ray: 3 euro

Aankopen kan op de data's van de bijeenkomsten  of na afspraak.  

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Voorkeur locaties Nederland: Postcodes 4521-4551

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How are the girls from terrorist organization CIS?
In Part 1 of this follow-up story we saw in August 2019 how three youngsters put their environment to their hands. Was that mischief or minor crime?? In Part 2 a week later we read their story and about their meeting with a group of Christians. They, too, operated under the name CIS. Today we look at how the three girls are doing.. Do they hold their faith or have fallen back into crime? Soraya K.  - Soraya K. was the initiator of CIS at the time. She was the main responsible. Therefore, after her reprimand, she was still fairly strict control by the authorities. The moment she gave her life to the Lord, something changed in her. A substantial change, which everyone in her environment noticed. And still she's like new. The fact that she's behind bars here has nothing to do with prison. She goes free and has changed her life. Crime — no matter how small — is now strange. She is now an example for Iris B in a completely different way.. and Carol V. Iris B.  - Iris B. followed Soraya's ideas out of pure despair. She was bullied and struggled with tremendous pain in her leg. In any case, with mischief she could show that she also counted. The official warning of the judge has entered her well. Yet again a change in behavior can be seen. There are more and more small kinks in the cable. Periodically, Iris should be corrected for her not so pleasant attitude to others. There is a suspicion that pride might be a trap for her. For this reason, the probation officer advises that Iris should be monitored more intensively in the coming period. That's how he wants to curb her behavior.. Niels is also drummed up to have a little chat with her.. Who knows, support can be provided from that other CIS group. Carol V.  - Carol V. was already the most bothersome of the couple in talks with Christ Is Saviour. And although she also prayed a conversion prayer at that time, it is still stubborn. Deeply, she is a kind and benevolent girl. But the fear of caterpillars and other hairy insects is very deep in. To hide that fear, she continues to enter the criminal circuit. There's a challenge that she hopes to get her confidence out of. It is therefore not surprising that this visit by the probation officer is the least good for her. Because Carol herself confesses to some recent purse robberies, she is arrested again. In the hope, the official says, that she will eventually get her life on the run. A few weeks later, the verdict is delivered. She will spend the next 1.5 years in juvie. Afterwards, a trajectory of assistance will be looked at. It is possible that her phobia can be coped with.   PS: If you think you know someone, know that these people only represent characters for this story. In reality, they have nothing to do with crime. Other parts of CIS (and more...)  - Criminal settlement coming? - Nicky Cruz, from gang leader to evangelist - Terror Organization CIS: Bang and Shoot - Terror Organization CIS: Terror vs.. faith - Read more - The last bookworms - She's the bunny - High jump, football and corona - Muses on the punishment (56) - #criminality #reclasing #bekering #followupstory #shortstories Would you also like to co-write or comment, but you are not yet a member of Yoors? Then sign up here... - logon