Easy DIY Softie Lion made of felt

Sew your own cuddle!

Children do not start to sew quickly, because they think that it is difficult. But that's really not true! With felt pads, children can easily sew their own cuddly toy. Felt patches do not fray and are very easy to sew with needle and thread. Even if you've never sewn!

Of course, a little guidance from an adult is needed in the beginning. Sewing also does not have to be neat and with equal stitches. you can see that it's handicrafts, and that it's homemade. That gives the cuddle extra value!

You can sew the patches together with a ordinary lacing stitch . Up and down and up and down. Thread a thread through the eye of the needle, make a double thread and make a knot at the end of the thread. You make that button by wrapping the thread around your index finger a few times, then rolling it off with your thumb. That's actually the only difficult thing when sewing your own cuddly toy!

Because it's made of felt, and not from paper or any other fragile material, you'll enjoy your own Easy DIY Softie for years, we know that!


For example, make this lion, with the pattern you see next. (Save the image with the right mouse button, go to the folder where it is stored (usually the download folder) and from there you can print out the pattern.


  • Patches of felt yellow and orange and a small piece of light pink ( Meaningful Crafts )
  • Needle and thread (grey thread is used here)
  • 2 Buttons (same or different)
  • Sharp scissors and filler wool/cotton wool
  • Velcro laps (optional)


Cut out the paper pattern and place the round on orange felt, the head on yellow felt. With a headpin you fasten the paper pattern so it can't shift when you cut it out. Sew the pink pieces and the buttons on the yellow head. Make sure that the buttons of the beginning and end of the thread are on the back.


Then put the head on the orange circle and sew it to it. Do not sew it completely yet but leave a piece open so you can put filler wool in. You can do this with your fingers or use a wooden stick to distribute the filler wool in the head.


Then sew the head completely close. The last stitch you sew double (so 2x) and at the back an extra stitch and then you can cut the thread. With sharp scissors cut the orange felt, as in the photo. Felt does not fray, so this remains neat and it's nice to frunnik!


Then you make the bodice of yellow felt. Cut the legs of orange felt. Cut the tail and tassel from the tail.


Sew the orange paws onto the yellow front body (1 felt sheet). Sew only the upper bows, leaving the bottom open. Then put it on the back yellow body and sew the bodice with the same thread. The regular up and down lacing stitch is simple and then it's really just solid and well sewn. Leave the lower part open to fill the bodice.


Fill the bodice with filler wool (or cotton wool, or cracking plastic, a plastic bag of rice, newsprint or something else). Oh you can sew the tail in front of the back (the back) or you can do it when the body is already filled, just what you can find easy. Finally, you sew the head to the body, or you stick some Velcro circles on it. (possibly sew with a few stitches for firmness). So you can still put his head in different positions.

Well, was that easy or was that easy? You've sewn a real cuddly toy. That probably tastes like more, right??



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