Everyone, including me, wants to enjoy a super healthy breakfast before going out to work. Well, many of us do not have time to make breakfast because of the busy morning. However, here I’m going to tell you a super easy, healthy and no-cook morning recipe, and that’s overnight oats. Its soggy texture makes it easy to eat in the morning and helps you stay full all day.

Health benefits of overnight oat breakfast:

Overnight oat is full of health benefits that can provide you with numerous health benefits. Some of its benefits are listed below;

•    They help to keep your stomach full for a longer day.
•    They help increase insulin levels in your body, which helps regulate type 2 diabetes.
•    Consuming them even can be an excellent weight-loss option.
•    They help in clearing out the digestive tract.
•    They help relieve constipation.

Serving: 1

•    Oat
•    Milk
•    Chia seeds
•    Maple syrup
•    Yoghurt


•    Take a jar or use a bowl to stir together the oats, milk, yoghurt, maple syrup, and chia seeds.
•    Then, seal it or cover it with a lid and place it in the refrigerator for almost 2 hours, though overnight is best.
•    Next morning, grab a spoon, add your favourite topping, dig in and enjoy this super easy breakfast.

Nutrition Facts:

•    215 calories
•    4g fibre
•    5g fats
•    7g sugars
•    33g cars
•    9g protein
•    299% vitamin D of DV
•    25% magnesium of DV

Easy Overnight Oats Breakfast