Effect of light in dark surroundings

The light shines in darkness and darkness has not understood it (John 1:5 Revised State Translation). Another translation (The Book) states that the darkness the light is not in its power has been able to get it. In other words, 'the dark will always have to give way to the light.

Darkness in the night


There is plenty to say and write about light and darkness. The sun that shines the moon, so that even in the dark night there is still a light. The stars that give light, which makes the night brighter and gives you more visibility.

Beautiful when it's a beautiful summer night and the moon and the stars shine the sky. You do not have to do anything, just enjoy the greatness of the universe, the splendor of creation in general and the majestic greatness of the Creator of that universe and you and me.

Darkness in Jesus' night

He brought light to this dark world in His greatness, by sending His Son to earth. He made him pay the price of our sins by letting him die on the cross and rise from the dead.

It became dark on earth when Jesus gave one last cry: “It is persevered” and He died before us. It became Earth dark. Lightning illuminated the sky, and the veil of the temple tore into pieces.


Darkness in our lives

From that moment on, Christ's sacrifice was sufficient to bring light into our dark lives. He's changing our destiny from dark hell to the light sky. We are no longer sinners, but children of the Light, when we accept that great sacrifice and confess our sins, acknowledge that Jesus died for us as the Son of God and are going to live a changed life.


I switched from the dark to the light in 2000, and when I look back, I see that God has been very good to me all these years. For He not only changes our destiny after this lifetime, but walks with us through this life. He leads the way, heals our wounds with ointment and brings us to our destiny.

Do we have a problem and we can't figure it out? Then He will answer us if we ask Him. Not always in our way and in our time, but He will shine His light on the situation and we will know if He helps us solve it.

Are we sick? Then we may take refuge with Him, ask Him to heal us or make it more bearable, so that we can deal with it. Is our end near? He sends the Comforter, His Holy Spirit, who wants to stand by us.

Light in a dark room

Turn on a lamp in a dark room and you'll see where you walk without running into anything or on the touch walk through your house. And just hope you don't bump yourself or stumble over your cat. That cat can see much better than we do and has just decided to give you a cup or just stand still right in front of it. Or - very nice for them too - he cuts you off, so you crash to the ground. That sort of thing happens to me.

We really need light in our lives. It also has a healing effect. When everything is light, everything seems more airy, easier to go, and there can be peace in situations where darkness opposes it. You see things in the light that you don't see in the darkness.


Darkness in our hearts


When it's dark in your heart, because of the problems you're going through, it's nice to have people around you, shining light on the situation and helping you solve problems. Other people look at it from a distance, which makes them neutral and can help you.

We can't solve everything alone. We need others. If you're in the pit and you can't get out of it independently, another person can give you a rope or a ladder and pull you up again. With united forces you will be pulled up and you will be able to go on again.

Are you threatening to drown in all your emotions? Jesus pulls you on the water. He puts out his hand and helps you up. Does it storm into your life? He's leaving the storm. The rain in your eyes doesn't make you see the sun anymore? There's the rainbow! God's sign of hope. There is hope in Him. He brings you to the light.


Shining Fire of the Holy Spirit


We may light the fire of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and passionately enter the world. Following his way, serving Him in places where darkness is long gone or in places where it is light, but where more light can come.

We are allowed to Light carriers are. To offer people hope, to be there for others and to show them Jesus' love. Also and maybe just where you expect to get opposition. Maybe someone comes at you who treats you terribly badly. Show Him or her love and you can touch a heart.

The drunken man who yelled at everyone, I talked from the bike path to the sidewalk. Together with my beloved husband, I searched for the heart of this man and we could bring him from the darkness into the light. The tears of sorrow became tears of joy, because we brought comfort and were allowed to bring him to the cross of Jesus.

A woman who was sick, we were allowed to cheer and comfort. Whenever we went there to pray with a group of people, the sun came out. The light was there.

A man who thought it necessary to make a comment about my breasts and couldn't keep his eyes off, I told the Word. My arms overlap, but lovingly sought his heart and be able to encourage him. From his reaction - he fled with his car moist eyes - it was clear that God touched him by my words.

He had lost God and himself had the idea that God had brought me in his path. It was not about the size of my breasts, but a heart that was sick and tired of the sins, from which he did not release, and from God. On that day, some light came back into his life.


Light overcomes the darkness


That's what light does. It changes people and Christians have received a calling from God to enter the world. Helping people who come on our way further, if God asks us to. And the other way around, it is.

We can also receive help ourselves if we need it. We are on our way to Easter, let it also be Easter in your heart. Easter, the feast of Light that overcame the darkness.

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