Electric bicycle conclusion

#history Currently, we can observe electric bicycles on the streets, especially in major urban centers. However, the idea of an electric bicycle has existed for a long time.

On April 28, 1869, Joseph Marié filed a patent for a magneto-electric velocipede. We had to wait more than a century for their work to be reflected in the advancements of the cycling, motorcycle, automobile and heavy vehicle industries.

Only now, in the 21st century, has the electric bicycle become a reality.

“But men only think about themselves! If a woman had wanted to perform such an exercise, even in rural solitude, it would have been crazy to try to climb such a structure”. From these words, Emile Viarengo de Forville, Italian consul of Nantes, as a good gentleman he was, had the idea of creating a new velocipede for women.

It was 1871.
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