Hand in hand together with the most beautiful music that touches every nerve in your system. Your stepps become slower because you both realize something amazing is gonna happen. The energy between you starts to change and from this moment you feel like you are strangled into each others mind and being. You just click together like the universe connects. You look each other in the eye and start to glow from the inside and outside.

You keep looking at each other and can’t believe you gave this person the same feeling as she gave you. It’s like unwrapping the same present at the same time. Your energy flows into each other and you feel liking flying away to let your spirits, be wild, be free.

From this captured you know that time doesn’t exist anymore, (that) distance is only a thing that the eye can capture and the air you breath will be damaged without the other breathing the same air you just fired at them.

The distance in your eyes when this person won’t be around, is like watching the stars without seeing the stargaze coming down on you. It will feel like a star that is about to see all of it’s dust but it’s to afraid to shine, without the others.

It’s like the shoes you always wanted but never fitted you leaving you with this princess-feeling.

It’s like climbing on a mountain on your own and knowing you didn’t succeed without the other person in the back of your mind.

It’s like a hundred reasons to wake up with all of your energy surrounding yours surroundings.