Elk jaar tomaten in de kas.... kan dat wel?

Er wordt vaak beweerd dat tomaten het volgende jaar niet  op dezelfde plaats mogen staan. 

Tomaten wortelen wel 1,5 meter of meer de diepte in.  Het probleem kan zijn dat er kurkwortel ontstaat. Dit is een schimmelaantasting. De wortels worden bruinig en de plant loopt achterstand op.  Aan het einde van het seizoen is het zaak om de plant met wortel en al uit de grond te trekken en de wortels te inspecteren.  Verder is het zo dat de voedingstoffen in een kas zich 'stapelen' omdat het er niet kan uitspoelen zoals ze wel doen in de buitenlucht (regen).  Nadat je de planten in het najaar verwijderd hebt kun je de grond doorspoelen met heel heel heel veel water.  

Het is belangrijk om het bodemleven in de winter zo actief mogelijk te houden, zodat de grond door hen voorzien wordt van verse nutriënten. Bijvoorbeeld met een dikke laag herfstbladeren, goed natmaken en afdekken zodat het vochtig blijft.

Meer over kurkwortel, inclusief foto’s vind je hier:


Meer over vruchtwisseling van tomaten en de teelt in de kas vind je hier:



Mis geen artikel of moestuintip van Mona en meld je aan als lid. Het kost niets maar levert je wel wat op. Een fijne groep mensen die je waarderen om wie en wat je bent. Mooie verhalen, foto's, ervaringen op allerlei gebied. Welkom.

Bij Yoors wordt geen handel gedreven met jouw gegevens, zoals bij Facebook. Alles wat je maakt is van jou en van niemand anders.

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A cow says not only boo
One #koe says “boo” and not only that. #Koeien can also be a huge mess!Of the week since the clock was set back an hour there were still a few raging at night.For the record, I live in the countryside near farms. Fantastic green and lovely living and I love cows very much, but that #loeien Haha. I just didn't sleep all night. I used to have a whole collection of cow stuff. From crockery to pillows. You couldn't think of it so crazy, or I had something like cows. Back then you saw it a lot, among others at Xenos. So I was a fan, but now that they were so loaning the week I was a little less fan. - Previously - When I was a kid, I used to stay with my grandfather and grandmother. They had a small cottage next to a farm. On that #boerderij I could always help with my sister with all sorts of chores, such as fattening out the stable, taking care of rabbits, picking fruit trees, giving bottles of milk to the lambs, but also picking up the cows from the country when it was milking time. We cried very loudly “HEY HUP” and then you hoped that they all walked nicely in a row to the milkhouse. But sometimes you had a stubborn cow who would stand in the ditch. Hilarious animals are. We also got fresh milk from the cow to drink or colostrum. That stuff I really didn't get away brbrbr.. Once we were picked up by the woman of the house in the evening. A cow was at the #kalveren and we were allowed to watch the delivery. I didn't see much of the childbirth back then. I never forget that I saw the calf come out half and then it went black, I fainted hahaha. Question and Answer - But now the question arises: “Why do cows moan?” There are several answers for that, namely: To get a social bond between themselves. How cute is that. Nice chatting with each other those cows. Not only people can enjoy it, cows also love chatting! Or shout to the other, if, for example, mom cow shouts her child (calf): “Stay with me! “Scientists from London investigated this behaviour and came to the conclusion that cows are chatting a lot, especially the mother cows with their calves. Thus they discovered that when the mother cow lurked a low noise, talking to the calf at a short distance, and when she made a higher noise, she called the calf as it were, because the calf was too far away from her. If a cow is “drafty”.. And then I have to explain, because the cow is on the trail? No... this means thata cow #vruchtbaar is. When a cow is 8 months old she becomes fertile and every three weeks she becomes “drafty”Then she puts it on a moan and wants to be fertilized.Like a cow hair #kalf must miss. Sometimes she lurges for days in a row. When it came to us last week soa few nights and nights, I thought at first it might have come through the clock reset, butSo it could also be that there might be a cow missing her calf. Low Humming - You speak of this term when a cow is content to ruminate in the grass and make a low humming noise. This was investigated by a group of students of Applied Biology in 2014 who conducted their research in a dairy farm. They used certain developed software from UltraVOX provided by Noldus Information Technology B.V. In addition to the “low humming” observed, they also discovered that adult cows were lower in tone than young cattle. If you want to read the entire research, you can find the page here. https://has.nl/nl/niews/hoe-loeit-een-tevreden-koe Source mention text: https://www.levendehave.nl/dierenwikis/runderen/tochtigheid-bij-cows Other fun and interesting blogs about cows - Cows talk to each other about how they feel - Read more cows - Read more Every year thousands of cows die from litter - Read more Cute cows craft ideas - Nice cow tinkering? Cows crafting tips! - Read more Cow crafting from a paper cup? - Read more Crafts with popsicles - Croubles in the meadow make you happy - Read more Newspaper Art - Crafts a cow of newsprint - Read more Drawing calligram - The Cow - Read more Craft yourself a cheerful cow from a flower pot - Read more #cows #koe #loeien #boerderij #knutselen #lowhumming #informatie #blog #lezen #weten #zoeken Do you like reading and/or blogging? Sign up for FREE at Yoors via login and join us! - Login