Emerald solitaire rings are as divine as nature and sturdy as an oak. Due to the true energizing beauty and dependable hardness of emeralds, solitaire emerald rings offer not only beauty but also durability. For a ring to become the epitome of love, it should endow the essence of love - care. What makes an emerald stone solitaire ring the epitome of love is the restful green color of emerald that’s been satiating souls since antiquity. Because love and care are two of the most intense feelings a person fosters, these feelings ought to be expressed with a ring that endures and delights like love and care. Let’s talk about emerald solitaire rings in detail in this article.

A soothing color

For a long time, green has been regarded as a color that soothes nerves. The reason behind this inclination can be attributed to nature and the color green’s significance in color psychology. The color green has always been reminiscent of nature. It reminds us of comforting and soft lush grass, fresh plants, and rich forests. That’s why the green color of the emerald solitaire ring tickles the fancy of us all. Every time we think of an emerald green solitaire ring, it fills us with nature’s tranquil beauty. Moreover, as per color psychology, colors evoke psychological reactions that influence our moods and emotions based on experiences and cultural influences.

Some colors are warm or arousing, while others are cool or relaxing. Colors that are made up of long wavelengths are considered warm colors, while those made up of short wavelengths are regarded as cool. The green color of antique emerald solitaire rings is cool and relaxing. Because the green color resides in the middle of the light spectrum - a range of wavelengths of light that can be perceived by the human eye - it’s not only easily perceived but also soothing to the eyes. The green color of emerald solitaire rings has something way more than meets the eye.

Dependable hardness

Apart from the soothing color, what makes a solitaire emerald ring perfect to gift to your love is its hardness and durability. Emerald scores 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning it’s quite a sturdy gemstone that can easily stand up to the wear and tear of average everyday life. Therefore, you can gift your love an emerald solitaire ring, and she can wear it every day.

The bottom line

Emerald green solitaire rings are a cut above the rest. The beauty, hardness and durability of emerald solitaire rings are in a class of their own. While fashioning an antique emerald solitaire ring for your love, make sure that you design it in a metal that’s comfortable on her skin. Because certain metal alloys may cause skin allergies, it’s best that you choose platinum for her ring for the fact that platinum is a hypoallergenic metal. An emerald solitaire ring in platinum will not only be comfortable on her skin but also best suit almost every outfit in her wardrobe. So, what are you waiting for? Design an emerald solitaire ring for the love of your life now!