Emissoras De Radio

Emmissoras de radio are broadcast stations that broadcast audio signals. The first radio stations were essentially radiotelegraph systems, and did not transmit audio signals. Instead, they carry information and news. Today, emisoras de radio stations transmit audio through electronic devices. These stations are often referred to as FM radio or SSB radio stations.

Teledifusion AM
The technology that AM radio is generally credited to Reginald Fessenden. Radio transmitters used in earlier decades produced discontinuous pulses, called "damped waves." Fessenden came up with a way to generate a continuous wave signal that would reflect the sounds being transmitted.

Radiodifusion FM
Radiodifusion FM emisora ​​de radio is a type of radio service that is available in various parts of the world. It consists of radio stations that use AM, FM and OC frequency plans. The stations also have different broadcasting frequencies depending on their frequency plans and recomendations.

Radiodifusion FM emisora ​​de radio serves as a public service. It is funded by the state, and is managed by entities authorized by the state or by legal entities that are registered in Colombia. The service is provided by a concesion granted by the Ministry of Tecnology of Information and Communications.