When you talk about Gouda, you usually think of a beautiful city, and especially the cheese.

But today we will not talk about that, we will talk about the imposing City Hall.

Everyone would say that such a building, almost like a fairy tale, was located in one of the cheese cities par excellence, like Gouda.

We stand on the Great Martk of this city to think about the beauty of the Gouda Town Hall, the Town Hall as they say here, a beautiful building of towers and pinnacles built between 1448 and 1450, one of the oldest Gothic town halls in the Netherlands.

It does not matter when you visit it, because the appearance is beautiful.

During the day, the color of the facade stands out, but at night it becomes spectacular with the lights.

Since the fourteenth century it was planned to build a town hall in Gouda, but the poor economic conditions of the place slowed down construction until the middle of the fifteenth century.

The building is built from limestone from Belgium after a design by the architect family Keldermans from the Brabant region. In 1497 it was restored and even more decorated with the visit of Philip the Fine to Gouda. In any case, it has undergone new reforms in later centuries, even the building that we can see today 💗