What to look on Netflix: Mexican series

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Which series do we want to watch again on Netflix? Always a frustration when the inspiration is not there. Here's a list that you won't find often, a list of things different from what most Google results will tell you. Perhaps currants in the porridge, in the deepest pits of Netflix: the Mexican series. Of course the well-known Narcos is in between, but that is not recommended as far as I'm concerned. That really is Club de Cuervos and Maradona and Sinaloa. This list is of course supplemented when you see a new series 😉!

Club de Cuervos ***** (drama/comedy; three seasons)
Story: The president of Cuervos FC's Mexican second-division club dies and leaves the club to his son Chava and daughter Isabel. The eccentric Chava is unanimously elected by the board of directors as the new president, because it is a man. To the irritation of Isabel, who wanted to continue Dad's line. However, the outright arrogant Chava has other but grand plans: he wants to turn Cuervos into the Real Madrid of Latin America. It creates continuous clashes, including with the technical director who wants to maintain the old president's eight-year plan. Chava follows his own bizarre line and waves away all well-intentioned and substantiated advice: he wants to remain in publicity at all costs.

Review: Club de Cuervos starts bizarre from the first episode and is getting more and more extreme. And more and more funnier. We follow the football club, the team and all the internal and external problems involved in running the club and that's done brilliantly. It also gives a very nice glimpse into the world of (top) football and shows with a wink how money flows in Mexico actually work. The inimitable protagonist Chava is a fantastic character, which you can't really hate. Isabel is the opposite of Chava, but just as unruly and just as fantastic.
Club de Cuervos is an absolute must. I can't imagine you regret it.

Monarca ****- (drama; one season -second beginning of 2021)
Story: Mexican journalist Ana María has been very nice in the United States, but her family calls her from Mexico: she is needed. They have a rich tequila empire that really hangs together because of corruption. She is asked to take charge and clean the company again, to the horror of her brothers. Choirs on the mill for Ana Marías man, who is pressured by his American publisher. He needs to come up with a book quickly, so he makes hotly notes. A nice glimpse into Mexican cuisine, where family, corruption and intriguing relationships play the leading role. With beautiful images, insanely stylish and a fine portion of drama.

Review: The Empire of Mexico and the struggle of Ana Mariá to tackle it in a single way. It's an almost impossible task, because there's so much more to play. Secrets, under the table, intrigue. It makes the series beautifully designed and interesting. Highclass Mexico in optima forma.

Narcos ****- (drama, action; two seasons)
Story: undoubtedly the Mexican series you already know. About the start of the drug war. The charismatic and intelligent Félix Gallardo has biggest plans in Guadalajara and builds a huge pot plantation in the desert. He gets everyone along: the most important players who were already there, the politics, the police. Everything goes from a slate, and he's going bigger. He leaves the marijuana more and more and goes into business with the Colombians; according to him a lot more lucrative and safer. Police officer Kiki Camarena is biting himself into it, with far-reaching consequences.

Review: the north of Mexico, the 80s. Raw, violence and the delightful, luxurious life of the drug lords are central. It is the Mexico that we are presented a lot in the West, but that does not make it less intriguing. Trade, corruption, the way of doing business: Narcos Mexico is probably not a series that Mexicans are very proud of, but has a continuous arc of tension.

Maradona and Sinaloa ***** (docu; two seasons)
Story: football legend Maradona is asked if he wants to come and train Mexican second-divisionist Dorados de Sinaloa in Culiacán. To everyone's surprise, he will come. Where in the Netherlands we mainly saw images of a drug addict lunatic through programs like Veronica Inside, this docu shows a completely different Maradona. An emotional, humble, sweet man who is fully committed to his new club. And with success: everyone walks away with him, the players go through the fire for him, and the somewhat colorless club, under Diego's leadership, reaches twice the promotion finals. Just before the second season, however, he stays away for a long time due to drug problems. Plenty of panic in the tent. But once clean, he comes back. Touching beautiful.

Review: From football legend to drug addict: if you didn't actively follow the now deceased football legend Maradona, that was pretty much your picture. Maradona did stay in the picture, like in the stands during the 2018 World Cup, but that was rarely positive. A madman was called it. In this docu we see a completely different Maradona. A sweetheart who absolutely doesn't feel too big for a little Mexican club. Who struggles, who sympathizes, who wants to achieve successes. And get this one too. He often indicates to feel lonely, although he always has people around him. He says if he's in trouble, he's abandoned. Maradona is a greatness that always stands among the people. Touchable. Hardly has sterallures and perhaps that is why it is the greatest. A mustsee for football lovers who, for example, found Sunderland Till I Die a cool series. Maradona and Sinaloa is only significantly more interesting and better.

Selena **— (drama)
Story: Selena (Quintanilla) was an American singer with Mexican roots, active in the 1970s to 90s, making Texmex music, a kind of crossover between the two cultures and countries. Selena was particularly, especially popular. A greatness in these parts. She was murdered in 1995. In the series' Selena 'we follow her from a young age. How her talent was discovered by her father, how she and her family form a bond and grow bigger and gradually fill stadiums through hard work.

Review: oh, what is Selena perfect. Oh, she's great. Oh, she's so talented. Oh, she's social. Oh, she's creative. Oh, she's special. Oh, she has an eye for everyone. Series Selena worships Selena and puts her as a perfect Goddess. That's gonna annoy soon. The whole family is involved and father /manager Abraham is in control. It's never enough for him, it always has to be more and better. The family goes along with it, everything is in the service of Selena. In 'Selena' we see her career, but nothing really happens. It's like it's coming to them. Like Selenas's talent is sufficient. Certainly, in the dialogues the struggles have to come up and work hard, but in the end it is really weak. Probably meant for the most fanatical fans. In the show, Selena is not killed. Probably gonna happen in a new season. It might still be interesting.
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