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Brittany, some useful tips and facts for your trip

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A few years ago I made an extensive tour of Brittany. The trip took three weeks and then you can really see a lot of Brittany. This region in western France is located on the coast, and that was also one of the reasons to choose. After all, the sea always remains beautiful. Below I share some of my experiences.

How best to travel through Brittany?

Brittany is a beautiful province from which you really don't want to miss anything. Of course, you can travel by plane and land, for example, in Rennes, but there are definitely other ways. By car, Brittany is not far from the Netherlands, but if you don't see a car ride, then the train is a convenient and sustainable option. I have travelled by train through Brittany and although you might find surprises, it is definitely a fun way to travel. It is true that even in the smallest villages there are still stations and sometimes you have the feeling of being in 'the middle of nowhere'.

How is the food in Brittany?

Anyone who enjoys French cuisine will also enjoy the food in Brittany. You start with a typical French breakfast . Lunch is usually around an hour or 1. You can both have an extensive lunch and choose a tasty baguette. It will be a bit used to the fact that dinner is often served late in France. Usually you can not go for half 8, 8 hours. But what you get is really enjoying! In French cuisine you will find many tasty dishes with poultry, such as chicken and duck, but of course you can also choose vegetarian. If you do not like the French style of cooking, then there is no need, because there is always a Chinese or Italian nearby. But remember that you are in France. )

What weather is it in Brittany?

Brittany is quite similar to the Netherlands in terms of weather and you could also catch rain for once, even in the summer months. However, this does not detract from the beauty of the region. Brittany is definitely a beautiful destination and a day of rain will make your holiday no less fun. Keep in mind the weather when you pack your suitcase. A pair of cardigans and a rainproof jacket are certainly not an unnecessary luxury. Of course, a rainy day is a day to admire a museum or castle from the inside. And you'll find plenty of them in Brittany. A fun day with children is for example the Grand Aquarium in Saint-Malo.

What to do in Brittany?

When planning a holiday to Brittany, it will always be too short. There is so much to do and see, that you can never visit everything in one holiday. Of course you don't have to, because that's how you have a good reason to go back to. A real landmark that is not located in Brittany but in Normandy is Mont Saint-Michel . On the way to Brittany you will practically pass there and it is highly recommended to put it on. In Brittany itself you should have seen this at least:

  • Saint-Malo, an ancient fortified town
  • Rennes, the main city of Brittany
  • The granite coast, a special stone coast on the north coast of Brittany
  • Carnac, famous for its megaliths
  • Brest, with its special naval museum and the Tour de la Motte Tanguy

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